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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Make A Wish, Make a Difference at Udayan Care

Everybody dreams. But, only a few people actually chase their dream with a never say die spirit..
And, a few people amongst us are Gods’ favourite. They have their dreams, their potential. But, they have to do a bit more efforts to turn their dreams into reality. And doing so, they need support from society, As we all need it in one way or the other…
The team at Udayan Care is one such wonderful support, which is making huge difference in lives of thousands of such needy people in our society..
Udayan Care is an Indian Non-Profit Organization with its head office in New-Delhi. Their vision is to ‘regenerate the lives of the disadvantaged’, particularly children and women and they are committed to sustainable social development. Our theory of change is: "Every child should get home and education, every adult, the dignity of self-reliance and the desire to give back to society."
Udayan Cares’ experience over 16 years has shown that people are eager to make a difference to the world they live in and look forward to opportunities that come their way. Towards this, they have made a serious attempt with the team every year, to create innovative platforms for people from all walks of life to come together as Indians..
Not just as single program is which the Udayan Care team runs.
They have Udayan Homes( for orphans or abandoned children), Udayan Shalini Fellowships(for ambitious, needy and dignified girls, who want to make a difference in society), Udayan Outreach program for HIV affected children annddd many more..
The organization is pledged to work for the betterment of the society, spreading the ray of hope to many cities across the nation, from Delhi to Kolkata, Dehradun to Kurukshetra, and, going beyond the boundaries too...
The children benefited from various programs have always made the team, proud by showing their talent at their fields of interest…
I feel proud to share that I am a Udayan Shalini Fellow from 2005 and now, I am serving the team as a volunteer..
Being a volunteer, I got to realize that we people are actually lucky that we have so many folks around to take care of us. It felt good to see this world, with a different opinion. It doesn’t profit you financially. But, the satisfaction that you have, after working for such a remarkable cause, is priceless!!
We need you all, to come forward and serve the society by the best possible way you can.. Trust me, it gives a sense of accomplishment and happiness that you, somehow, are serving towards the nations success !!
Whether you are a student, a professional, a house wife, a business man.. you are good at art, at computer skills, in language, or in social interactions…Its never too late to try n bring some change to the society…
For more info on the Udayan Care Organization, please visit:
We would love to have you in the volunteering team…
Send in your details, your field of interest, telling why you want to join, on the ID:
Believe me, it feels good, to be part of nation building, and serving the future of country, in best possible manner you can !!
Experience it, share it !!
Be the change you wish to see in this world !!

For details, Visit

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